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The Full Story

the brand 

Each piece of jewellery is uniquely crafted by hand or by using highly advanced methodology, and produced in limited quantities. Composed only of materials of the highest purity, we professionally source top quality gemstones from around the world and we work alongside experts in their craft to ensure longevity. Devoted to having control over each and every step of the process and complying with sustainable and ethical practices that minimise our environmental impact, we create beautiful one of a kind pieces that will leave an everlasting impression. 



The ethos of our brand relies on preserving global artistry over vast operational schemes. We believe in uniqueness,  in community and reciprocity.  Our desire is to build a brand in which human connection, awareness, and cultural exchange of the arts & crafts world is crucial. 


Our brand's values are built on sustainable and ethical practices. All of our jewellery consists of 18K Fairtrade gold, and ethically sourced gemstones.


In order to accomplish this, we have created a company that believes in a slower pace production and detail ensuring control over each step of the process along the way.


We believe that gemstones alone are rarefied treasures of the natural world with exceptional beauty; we do our best to use the highest quality and selection of gemstones assuring to enhance their best features with beautiful designs. 


All objects capture moments in our lives but only few tell our story. 

Quality and integrity are key values of our Jewellery House. Our mission is to controllably produce uniquely crafted pieces that tell a story and can live on for generations instilling a bold sense of confidence and provenance. 

exquisite gemstones

bold ideas 

exclusive designs 


We prioritise investing, researching and hand picking our coloured gemstones directly from their mother origin when possible. This allows us to understand the socio-economic context of each source and immerse ourselves into the highest experience of making impactful decisions and designs that gift the world with a positive footprint. 



All of our jewellery sold within the UK is certified in accordance with the Hallmarking Act 1973. They are ethically sourced from countries that utilise the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, designed to ensure that diamonds crossing international boarders are 100% legitimate and do not fund in any way civil conflict or terrorism.  


the art

All of our jewellery is uniquely handcrafted by a family-owned generational goldsmith atelier in Athens.


Using the finest methods and skilful artistry our Creative Director works closely with our creative practitioners to ensure the highest quality results. 

from us to you 

Following our jewellery, all of our packaging is designed and produced meeting the highest quality standards in Italy; A leading country in craftsmanship, creativity and quality.  


All of our diamonds are of VS clarity or higher

and F/G+ colour. 

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