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Whether you choose to wear your jewellery every day or occasionally, it is important to keep in mind that all of our jewellery consists of natural minerals that should be handled with care and attention in order to preserve their long lasting beauty.  

The following guidelines will make sure your piece will preserve it’s original condition and lustrous spark for years to come: 

  1. We recommend you remove your jewellery when washing your hands, applying hand sanitizer or any other lotion as particles present in these and other cosmetic products can cause wear and damage to your piece.  
  2. Ensure your skin is dry and oil free before handling your piece.  
  3. Your piece should be kept away from water. Contact with household detergents such as chlorine, bleach, ammonia, vinegar and other such liquids can cause permanent damage to your jewellery and precious stones.  
  4. Take care to always put your jewellery on last when getting ready, after applying perfume, hairspray or makeup.   
  5. Avoid wearing jewellery together to prevent scratches and rubbing against each other.  
  6. We recommend you remove your jewellery when undertaking any sporting activity or gardening  as this can cause knocks and scratches to the gold.  
  7. We advise keeping your pieces in a cool, dry place and away from radioactivity such as X-ray machines.  
  8. Avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight, as this could discolor gemstones. 


  1. It is important to allow yourself the necessary time to carefully examine your piece and its appropriate mechanisms (clasps & safety lock) before worn. 
  2. Check that the clasp and the safety catch, if there is one, is secure.  
  3. Try rubbing your piece against a thin cloth. If the cloth catches this could be indicative of a loose claw setting.  
  4. Ensure that all the gemstones are properly secured in their original positions and none of them move. 

In the slightest doubt that any of the above are a possibility, please do not proceed with wearing your jewellery until it is checked by one of our specialists. 

Please get in touch with us at 


1. Your jewellery should be cleaned regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth. If especially dirty, we recommend you use lukewarm soapy water and a very soft toothbrush. 

2. After cleaning ensure your jewellery is soap free by rinsing it in clear lukewarm water and wiping it gently with a clean, lint-free cloth.  

3. In the case that you still feel your piece needs extra shining you should take it to a trusted jeweller or contact us at  

4. If your piece of jewellery contains coloured stones such as Emeralds, you should take it to a trusted jeweller for cleaning or contact us at 

5. We recommend a yearly check up on your jewellery to be examined, cleaned and revitalised.  


When storing your jewellery, please ensure that each item is kept separately.  This includes separating each earring in a pair. 

  1.  The safest way to protect your pieces is to use the jewellery boxes provided at the time of purchase. This will protect the pieces from rubbing against each other and avoid knocks and scratches. 
  2. When travelling it is very important to keep your pieces individually. In the possibility you can not travel with your individual Elina Afentaki boxes, please make sure to use alternative options such as jewellery pouches or  wrapping each piece in tissue or cloth.   


In the unfortunate event that your jewellery suffers damage of any kind, please contact us directly at 

Our skilled practitioners,  will do their best to return your piece to you in its original condition.  

For any other services such as resizing, repairs, alterations and jewellery care please get in touch at